Library of the Week: Pikaday

We're introducing a new feature today on the JavaScripting blog: Library of the Week. We're receiving a lot of great submissions, and we decided it would be worthwhile to highlight some of the best ones. We'll be posting about a new library every Friday.

With no further ado, let's talk a bit about the first Library of the Week: Pikaday by David Bushell.

Yet another JavaScript date picker? Aren't there zillions of those?

Yes. And that's the problem. JavaScript developers have doubtless spent countless hours choosing the proper date picker for their project depending on the framework they are using and their other requirements. This time could be spent more productively.

The main advantage of Pikaday is how lightweight it is. It clocks in at 5Kb minified, but more importantly it comes with no additional dependencies. So you can use it in every project, even your new React project where you don't want to drop in jQuery and jQuery UI just so your users can pick dates. Pikaday has a nice default look and is easily customizable by overriding its modular CSS. It short, it's a date picker that you can use in all of your JavaScript projects.

Roman Krejčík

Roman Krejčík